If you want to know how to make your dick bigger then you’re in the right place. My name’s Adam and I’ve personally spent the last several years and a great deal of money researching how to grow a bigger dick.

I wasted an awful lot of time and a ridiculous amount of money, but eventually I found out what really works, and now I want to pass that knowledge onto you.

My Obsession With Getting A Bigger Dick

My obsession started approximately 18 months ago. I was disgusted at the amount of scams, hoaxes, sleazy websites and bogus promotions that were trying to separate me from my hard earned cash; from the miracle pill that that claimed it could grow my dick 3 inches in a few weeks, to the device that looked like something you use to torture someone with.

Everyone was trying to rip me off, so I did the only thing I could do – I TRIED EVERYTHING. It became an obsession. I tried all the devices, all the potions and pills, and all the exercises. Everything that claimed to show me how to make my dick bigger, I tried.

It took a lot of patience and dedication to wade through all the bullshit, but eventually I was able to find out what REALLY worked! I gained a lot of experience and a LOT of knowledge, and through this, I have been able to successfully grow my dick. I’m not going to tell you how much penis growth I have experienced, because I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations.

You need to set your own goals, and if you put into practice what you learn from me, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

There Are No Short Cuts to Getting a Bigger Dick

If you are expecting me to show you how to make your dick bigger without any effort, with a miracle pill or gadget that I found, then you’re going to be disappointed. You’re better off looking elsewhere. There are plenty of sites that will tell you what you want to hear, but it will be BULLSHIT. They just want to empty your wallet.

If you want the TRUTH about how to get a bigger dick, then keep reading.

There is more than one way to get a bigger dick, and it’s important to understand that there is a crossover between making your dick bigger and fatter on a permanent basis, and doing other things, such as making it bigger on a short term basis, for example, when you want to have sex, or making your dick stronger so you can have sex for much longer, or have INCREDIBLE orgasms. So, there is more to all this than just getting a bigger dick.

How to Make Your Dick Bigger With Penis Pumps

A penis pump is something you place around your penis to create a partial vacuum, which then draws more blood into the penis making your dick bigger and harder than normal. The effects are short term and so penis pumps are primarily used by men who suffer from impotence. BUT, that doesn’t mean to say ONLY men with impotence can use it. I’ve never had any issues with getting an erection, but I still tried several penis pumps in the quest for permanent penis enlargement, and I they do give you an extremely strong erection.

Visit my page on Penis Pumps for further information.

How to Make Your Dick Bigger With Penis Extenders

These devices stretch your penis. I know that sounds painful but it really isn’t. When I was researching how to make my dick bigger, I never EVER thought I would use a penis extender. But, I was determined to leave no stone unturned in my quest for permanent penis enlargement, and so I tried ALL the major brands (and some unknown brands too – big mistake!).

Providing you purchase from a reputable manufacturer and use it consistently, penis extenders are safe and very effective. They can make your dick bigger in length, and for a lucky few, can help thicken your dick too. Adding girth does not happen to everyone. It all depends how your penis responds to the stretching – some men get a longer dick, some men get longer AND fatter. I was lucky enough to add some girth. But at the very least you can expect a good increase in length.

Visit my page on Penis Extenders for further information.

How to Make Your Dick Bigger With Penis Exercises

Are you thinking about lifting dumbbells with your dick? Well don’t! That’s not how it’s done. There are many different ways of exercising the penis, and each and every one of them WORKS! Most of them involve some kind of stretching and massaging of the dick, and it requires dedication and patience.

But penis exercises are without doubt the safest and most effective way of growing your dick. If you want to know how to make your dick bigger naturally and safely, without spending a small fortune, read my page on Penis Exercises.

How to Make Your Dick Bigger With Enlargement Pills

THERE ARE NO MAGICAL PILLS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DICK BIGGER PERMANENTLY!! However, that doesn’t mean dick pills are completely useless. They can help with the other things you are doing, like penis exercises or using an extender. They help with penis recovery (from stretching etc) and also help with erection control, which will come in very handy when you do penis exercise (see my page on Penis Exercises for further information).

How To Make Your Dick Bigger With Penis Surgery

This is the only penis enlargement technique I didn’t try, and never will!

This is a very risky move, in my opinion (based on my own significant research). The reason I say ‘risky’ is because I have read about way too many horror stories for my liking.

To make your dick longer a surgeon will cut into the ligaments inside it (they are actually called suspensory ligaments). If you want a fatter dick, the surgeon will pump FAT into your penis. I go into more details on my Penis Surgery page.

I do not recommend this method to grow your dick and I never will. There are far SAFER ways of making your dick bigger and they do not involve taking a scalpel to it.

Summing Up

The above information should give you a reasonable overview of how to make your dick bigger. I’ve tried and tested almost everything, and that puts me in a good position to tell YOU what works, and what doesn’t work.

For more in-depth analysis of everything please explore the rest of my site.

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